ITC Rajputana, Jaipur: Redefining Royal Luxury & Hospitality


Jaipur is one of those Indian cities that is home to some of the most beautiful palaces and forts in the country and is a major attraction for domestic and international tourists. We had been wanting to pay a visit to Jaipur for a really long time. So when the opportunity presented itself, we didn’t think twice!

Amer Fort, one of the many ancient forts to be found in Jaipur

Since I was the one responsible for choosing accommodation for this trip, I have to admit I had a pretty hard time zeroing in on the hotel. Here are my reasons: Firstly, Jaipur seems to be teeming with hotels in every price range! So many options to choose from. Secondly, we love staying at hotels that reflect the character of the city or country we are in, provided it also fits our budget. So it took us a while to choose a property that wouldn’t feel like a business hotel and at the same time wouldn’t wreak havoc on our finances. By the end of our search and research, we were sure we wanted to put up at the ITC Rajputana, Jaipur. The ITC group of hotels is known for being one of the finest in the hospitality industry and our stay at the ITC Rajputana confirmed our belief!

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The magnificent lobby in all its glory at the ITC Rajputana

The Hotel

ITC RajputanaΒ is a luxury hotel located bang in the heart of Jaipur, in close proximity to the railway station. Despite being in the middle of all the chaos, there’s something absolutely serene and romantic about it. The moment you step in, it almost feels like you have been cut off from the city’s mayhem instantly and have been transported to a beautiful world of luxury.

The awe-inspiring decor in the lobby

The first thing we noticed as we drove into the property was its unique architecture. The hotel neither resembled a swanky, modern business hotel nor did it come across as a palace-turned-hotel (which is quite common in the state of Rajasthan). ITC Rajputana seemed to have a character of its own. With the main building’s exterior made out of red bricks, you are ushered into a world of heritage unique to Jaipur. We learnt that this property was designed and built in line with the architectural style typically found in old Rajput fortresses.

As we walked into the lavishly decorated lobby, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful marble staircase in the centre stealing all the limelight! Every corner of the lobby had hand-picked items of decor that lent the space a modern touch, without losing the essence of Rajasthan’s heritage. If you can tell from the pictures, grand is the word!

The intricately designed white marble staircase stealing the limelight in the lobby
We clearly didn’t want to leave the lobby!

While I was busy getting engrossed in the pretty lights that adorned the ceilings, the check-in formalities were getting done in parallel. While that was happening, a little birdie told me that we had been upgraded to occupy one of the Rajputana Royale rooms at the hotel! Now, what can I say? I could definitely get used to these upgrades! πŸ˜‰

The Room

Tired from the long drive of 5 hours from Delhi, we were really looking forward to getting to our room. As we stepped in, I could see what they meant when they classified the room as Rajputana Royale. Compact, cosy yet spacious, the room looked vibrant and delightful! You know how there are certain spaces that immediately make you feel happy? This room was one of those. The warm lighting, the ethnic decor items, the plush furniture, all lent the room a beautiful vibe!

My favourite corner of the room was the red couch next to the large glass windows, looking out into the garden. During our stay, I must have sat here with my cup of tea at least 3-4 times, just to relax and soak in the beautiful surroundings.

I could have spent the entire day right there, but first, some breakfast!

Equipped with all modern amenities, the room really made us feel at home. And what better than a hotel room that manages to do that? πŸ™‚

The room – so elegant and warm.
What’s not to love about a lazy breakfast served in bed?

The attached bathroom was also something I fell in love with! Brightly lit, spacious and luxurious, it was a visual and sensual treat to use this space. The shower and toilets were in separate cubicles which was super convenient, while the bathtub was strategically placed towards the bed, separated just by a glass pane. πŸ˜‰

We have a thing for spacious and minimalistic washrooms

Food & Drinks

The ITC chain of hotels is widely known for their restaurants and the top-notch food they dish out consistently. ITC Rajputana was no different! The hotel houses 3 restaurants (Jal Mahal, Peshawri and Pavilion) and 2 bars (Sheesh Mahal and Jharokha). Needless to say, all of them are a class apart.

While Jal Mahal specialises in elaborate buffet meals, Peshawri and Pavilion have their own a la carte menus. Both the in-house bars too were beautifully set up and truly personify luxury dining.

The Jal Mahal restaurant

Our days started with the elaborate breakfast buffet at Jal Mahal on both mornings and it was nothing short of exquisite! The food gets laid out by 6.30 am and is a massive spread of Indian, American and European cuisines. Whether you prefer the humble Indian idly and dosa or you fancy a traditional English breakfast, you will find it all here. The food is served fresh and tastes delicious! A good breakfast isΒ key to fueling you up for the rest of the day and the chefs at ITC sure know how to do that in the most royal manner possible.

Chefs hard at work, tossing out one omlette after another

We also dined at the gorgeous Pavilion restaurant twice during our stay and I have to say, they served some of the most delicious Rajasthani dishes we’ve ever had! Be it their signature Laal Maas or the succulent Lamb curries, the food at Pavilion takes your Rajputana experience several notches higher. The space was also beautifully decorated in warm hues of blue, orange and purple. But it’s not just the food and decor that made it memorable for us. We were served by some of the most gracious people we have met during our hotel stays so far! It is them who made a whole lot of difference and made us go back to the restaurant the second time.

Such lovely colours at the Pavilion restaurant!
Favourite corner at the Pavilion restaurant. That chandelier though!

All that food aside, how could we have left ITC Rajputana without having a taste of their posh Sheesh Mahal bar? The huge set up ornate with crystals and chandeliers, complements its name perfectly, which literally translates to a ‘Palace of Glass/Mirrors’. I have to admit I was floored just by looking at the beautifully decorated bar, even before we could get down to having a drink!

Sheesh Mahal bar ‘s decor on point!
Loved the use of crystal beads and these pretty lamps at Sheesh Mahal

The bar was adorned with plush couches and rich upholstery, adding to its regal look and vibe. The place is perfect for spending a romantic evening and relaxing with your partner after a long day of sightseeing.

Finally having a drink after an entire day out in the sun!

On our last morning at ITC Rajputana, just before we left, we finally got a chance to explore Jharokha. It is a beautifully done outdoor bar, located by the poolside, furnished with couches perfect for chilling after a morning swim. Order one of the cocktails from their extensive menu, and you’re all set for a relaxed afternoon.

Loved this setup at Jharokha, the poolside bar
Catching a few moments of quiet at Jharokha, before heading back

If you are ever planning a trip to Jaipur, we highly recommend you check out ITC Rajputana. It is not only perfectly located for sightseeing in the city, but the staff truly make your stay special with their warmth and hospitality. Even if you are in no mood for touristy stuff, ITC Rajputana makes a great choice for a laid back staycation too. However it is that you like your vacations to be, ITC Rajputana will cater to all your needs. We were so well taken care of at this hotel, I can safely say that the ITC chain of hotels has a loyal customer in us from now on!


  1. I saw your instagram photo of Rajputana the other day and fell in love with it there. I’m so glad to read and see more of it here though. It’s gorgeous! I can see what you mean about wanting to stay in hotels with character, this one certainly has it. I’m pinning this for when I get there!

  2. Wonderful article! This hotel looks so colorful and luxurious. I love staying in hotels also that reflect the feeling of the area you are visiting. If I ever make it here I will definitely consider this hotel!

  3. I loved Jaipur! I stayed in a local homestay which was nice to experience the culture but sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a treat! That hotel looks incredible! The marble staircase is probably my favourite!

  4. wow this hotel is amazing! everything looks so unique and detailed and I love the white marble staircase! it’s gorgeous! In a place like this one, you’d prefer to stay all day long chilling inside instead than visiting the city πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing hotel! It looks so fantastic… You must have enjoyed your stay very much. This place looks absolutely heavenly πŸ™‚ Your article definitely makes me want to go there someday!

  6. This hotel looks so fabulous… great choice . Been a while since I visited… next time definitely gonna try this πŸ™‚

  7. I seen your breakfast in bed photo on Instagram, so I enjoyed reading the story behind your trip to Jaipur. India is on our list to discover and I will be remembering this for when we do go.

  8. Wow this hotel looks so luxurious and posh! I loved the red couch as well, probably would have spend entire day looking from the window and people watch, lol

  9. Wow this hotel looks like the absolute dream ! Especially the bar – I totally imagine that a romantic evening is taking place right there.
    We will defintly think about this once we are in Jaipur.
    Thanks and Greetings

  10. I’m somewhat of a hotel snob and decor plays a large role in my choices. With that being said, you’ve painted an amazing picture of not only the hotel, but your overall experience. I also appreciate you noting that there are hotels for every price point in the city.

  11. I always feel sad reading a great review about a hotel. I am a budget traveler and sometimes staying in a guesthouse can be very disappointing. I pity myself for not being able to afford to splurge just a bit for a comfort and elegance. someday… i will go back to india as a tourist and stay in a grand hotel like this one.


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