If you’ve read my previous┬áblog post, you’ll know how Neil and I planned our much-awaited trip to the Maldives. Eriyadu Island Resort, Maldives, that we finally chose for our stay, had informed us that they would have a speed boat ready for our transfer from the airport to the island on the day of arrival. Even though that was sorted, I was wondering if we’d have to hire some kind of transport to get to the jetty with our luggage. The view right outside the airport not only answered my question but also managed to take my breath away.

The airport was located at the edge of the Male island, giving easy access to the speed boat pick-up point (and possibly making a lot of people, including me, go weak in the knees with that view!).

It didn’t take us too long to spot Eriyadu’s representative at the airport. Almost all island resorts have their own little counters near the arrival gate and it’s just a matter of looking around to find yours. Without further delay, we hopped onto our speed boat, hoping more people would travel along. But it turned out to be just the two of us, and after an hour of a nerve-wracking, back-breaking ride, we were dropped off at the jetty on Eriyadu island. I have to admit it was one bumpy ride because of the ocean waves, but I wouldn’t trade that rush of adrenaline for any other mode of transport!

Our first view of the island and the resort was stuff dreams are made of – pristine blue water kissing the soft, white sand on the shore and lush greenery to complement that colour palette.

The next 6 days we spent on the island were nothing short of a beautiful dream coming true. Here are some of the highlights of the unforgettable time we spent there.

1. Snorkeling

This had to come first! The Maldivian islands are blessed with an abundance of marine life, and to be there and not experience it, is a loss of a lifetime, if I may say so. At our resort, we could hire snorkeling gear for about USD 11 for an entire day. As you can imagine, most of our time was spent in water. The impeccably maintained house reef at Eriyadu demanded it! But we wouldn’t have had such an amazing snorkeling experience, had it not been an Austrian lady, Elisabeth, who we happened to meet at the beach.

Elisabeth is a seasoned snorkeler, who visits Maldives every year and always puts up at Eriyadu. By virtue of that, she knew every nook and cranny of the house reef and could exactly point to the places housing the most amount of marine life. Not only that, she went out of her way to guide us on a snorkeling trip to the best spots, and what we saw transported us to a different world altogether.

Swarms of fish in every color imaginable, baby White Reef Sharks, Sea Turtles – you name it, and they were there.

Tip: Do not forget to carry a waterproof sunscreen with SPF as high